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Is a Hearing Dog right for you?

To be successful as a team, training a hearing dog requires a significant amount of time, commitment, patience and hard work.  Not every dog has the unique skills to become a hearing dog.  If you are not willing to commit to putting the time in for training, a hearing dog may not be the right choice.

Training your own hearing dog can be a challenge, it can also be a rewarding experience.  Training is not a ‘we attended 10 classes, so we know everything we need and are done now.”  Training takes hundreds to thousands of hours of work.  Training happens Every. Single. Day.  The goal of the owner training program is to teach you and the dog as a team, to work together.  Your relationship with the dog is key in being successful.

The first step for individuals who are interested in training with us is to request an application. The applicant must demonstrate a significant hearing loss by providing us with a current audiogram. If you are accepted into our owner training program, there may be training fees for our services.


There is an application fee, and applicants will also need to provide their own equipment such as leashes, halters or collars, training treats, etc.   Applicants are responsible for their dog's updated shots and all other veterinary/medical care for their dogs.

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