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About us

About Golden Ears' Name:

Golden Ears was founded in 1993. The organization is named in memory of Golden Ears' founder, Linda Lohdefinck's, first hearing dog Nicky. 

Golden Ears is:

* Non-profit

* All volunteer organization

* Owner-training program











About our Founder and Director - Linda:  Linda  has trained hearing dogs for 30 years - Linda grew up with several different kinds of dogs and her family raised and showed German Shepherds when she was in Jr. High and High School.  She has owned and trained hearing dogs since 1985.   She directs the Hearing Dog Training and Hearing Dog Owner Training Program, trains staff and volunteers, gives public presentations and much more. 


Linda, is late deaf and has a great understanding of the challenges this presents in daily life.   She is a graduate of Brigham Young University and works full time as Health Services Consultant with the Washington State Department of Health in addition to serving as the Training Director for the program. She has a Bachelors Degree in Child Development and Family Relations, a degree in Computer Science and has been a Licensed Practical Nurse since 1977.  Linda is an advocate in promoting disability rights and accommodations.  In her spare time, she gardens, sews beautiful quilts, enjoys reading mysteries and is active in her church.

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